Global Health and Technology

I'm involved in a wide range of global health and technology work around the world. My day-to-day work is developing mHealth tools in Christine Moe's group at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. For a sample of what our group does, check out SaniPath, a Gates-funded project where we're developing a rapid assessment tool that measures environmental fecal contamination in slums.

I've also worked in Vietnam to develop an SMS-based system for delivering continuing medical education to community-based physician assistants. We expect to publish the results of this work soon, but in the meantime, please have a look at this interview with study PI Chris Gill.

As an epidemiologist, I've worked on both domestic and international projects on a variety of subjects. My work on the Boston University Presto Study provided preliminary evidence of a negative association between sugar sweetened soda consumption in men and male fecundability.

I also serve as the "Tech Guy" for NCDFREE, a leading non-communicable disease advocacy organization. In this capacity, I've provided technical support to the organization and delivered lectures on the transformative power of technology and creativity in global health.